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Peshawar Zalmi win Pakistan Super League 2017 — Pakistan


Peshawar Zalmi win Pakistan Super League 2017 - Pakistan

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Peshawar Zalmi win Pakistan Super League 2017 - Pakistan

Peshawar Zalmi thrashed Quetta Gladiators by 58 runs in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2017 final on Sunday at Lahore's Gaddafi Stadium.

What was to be an intensely competitive final battle turned into a one-sided game, as the Gladiators buckled under the pressure of a 149-run target set by Zalmi.

The Gladiators made a dismal start to their innings, scoring only one run in the first over and losing opener Morne Van Wyk to a run-out on the third ball of the second.

The Zalmi, in contrast, had kicked off their innings with three solid boundaries smacked by opener Kamran Akmal.

And though the Zalmi recovered after their middle order fell — led by skipper Darren Sammy — Quetta could not, and their wickets continued to fall thick and fast, with the entire team out in the 16th over.

Zalmi's Kamran Akmal and Sammy were the heavy hitters in this game, with opener Akmal racking up a quick 40 before his dismissal and Sammy closing the Zalmi innings with 28 runs ─ 22 of which were boundaries (three sixes and 1 four).

Zalmi bowlers Mohammad Asghar and Wahab Riaz shined in the game, with the former taking three wickets and conceding only 16 runs while the latter took two wickets for 13.

Quetta Gladiators' bowler Rayad Emrit was a force to be reckoned with, taking three wickets ─ Mohammad Hafeez, Iftikhar Ahmed, and Malan ─ with an economy of 31 runs off four overs. Mohammad Nawaz conceded just 15 runs off his four overs, taking one wicket.

Gladiators batsmen Sarfraz Ahmed, SM Ervine and Anwar Ali each scored over 20 runs apiece, contributing the significant chunk of the team's finishing score of 90.

Peshawar Zalmi win Pakistan Super League 2017 - Pakistan

During the awards ceremony after the match, Sammy was awarded the 'Man of the Final' trophy.

Sammy credited Shahid Afridi for convincing him to make the trip to Lahore for the final. "He's one of the great players from Pakistan and has been very instrumental in my decision to come here," he said.

"The game's electric, the standard of cricket has been good. I'm glad I came to experience the atmosphere here. It's a wonderful thing," Sammy said.

"Today I think there are a lot of smiles in Peshawar . [And] even though Peshawar came out on top, cricket was the winner today," he said.

Kamran Akmal was awarded 'Man of the Tournament', along with prizes for best wicket-keeper and batsman of the tournament.

Sohail Khan took home the prize for best bowler of the tournament as he was the highest wicket-taker this PSL season.

Peshawar Zalmi win Pakistan Super League 2017 - Pakistan

The 'ICC Spirit of Cricket Award' was presented to Islamabad United skipper Misbah-ul-Haq at the closing ceremony. Misbah received the award in December last year; but, as Ramiz Raja said, "It's a matter of pride" for the team.

The $20,000 'Spirit of Cricket Trophy' was awarded to the Quetta Gladiators, who played the final without four of their international players.

Gladiators' skipper Sarfraz, while speaking to Raja after the match, thanked the crowd for supporting the players.

"We have chased bigger totals before this, but we failed to chase today. Ahmed Shehzad was a positive for us this season and so were a lot of other players," he said.

Kamran Akmal, DJ Malan, MN Samuels, Mohammad Hafeez, Khushdil Shah, Iftikhar Ahmed, DJG Sammy (C), CJ Jordan, Hasan Ali, Wahab Riaz, Mohammad Asghar.

Ahmed Shehzad, MN van Wyk, Anamul Haque, SM Ervine, Saad Nasim, Sarfraz Ahmed (C), Mohammad Nawaz, Anwar Ali, Zulfiqar Babar, Rayad Emrit, Hassan Khan.

Relive Quetta Gladiators' dramatic 1-run victory over Peshawar Zalmi in their last match here.

Peshawar Zalmi knocked out Karachi Kings in an intensely-fought match to secure a berth in the final. Read our match report here.

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Peshawar Zalmi win Pakistan Super League 2017 - Pakistan

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Peshawar Zalmi win Pakistan Super League 2017 - Pakistan

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Peshawar Zalmi win Pakistan Super League 2017 - Pakistan

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Peshawar Zalmi win Pakistan Super League 2017 - Pakistan

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Peshawar Zalmi win Pakistan Super League 2017 - Pakistan

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Peshawar Zalmi win Pakistan Super League 2017 - Pakistan

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Peshawar Zalmi win Pakistan Super League 2017 - Pakistan

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Peshawar Zalmi win Pakistan Super League 2017 - Pakistan

لبنان کے وزیراعظم کا استعفیٰ، سعودی عرب مطلوبہ نتائج حاصل نہیں کرسکا

Peshawar Zalmi win Pakistan Super League 2017 - Pakistan

حدیبیہ پیپرز ملز ریفرنس: شریف خاندان کے ایک اور امتحان کا آغاز

Peshawar Zalmi win Pakistan Super League 2017 - Pakistan

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Come on peshawar zalmi win this

It looks really nice. Congratulations to Punjab government.

Zalmi has started the final like toofan mail express.


Two quick wickets and gladiators are back. Well done!

Quetta Gladiator all the way. Quetta Gladiator the true Karachi team.

@Fiz And is ending up like Khyber Mail!

Slip in at the start of the 17th over! Not a good sign for a T20 final!

Darren Sammy in ferocious mood. Lahoris super happy.

Fighting total. Match can go either way. It all depends how gladiators play with their new players.

Gladiators in trouble. Absence of regular players felt?

PZ are likely to be winner.

With Sarfraz out of the way, get ready for head shave Darren Sammy and co. Zalmi shines.

i am baloch and i love PSL & My Pakistan.

With 5 wickets down for gladiators, pick your hair dresser Zalmi. Nabila,Tariq Ameen or Tony n Guy. Have your pick.

Seems like Peshawar will prevail. The decision to have the final in Lahore turned out to be very unfair to Quetta. Whether you agree or disagree with the decision of Quetta’s overseas players not to play. Bottom line is that Quetta is playing their B team. Yes B team in the most important match of the tournament. I don’t think it was intentional but as they say in urdu «maza kirkira kar dia». Good for peshawar as their overseas players agreed to play in Lahore.

Congrats Zalmi, the winners of 2nd PSL. You deserve to be the champions.

Nice match but I think at the end Quetta was made to play with subpar international players. any way congrats to Pakistan.

Kinda of feeling sad for QG team. Poor guys had to face such a lousy defeat just because of the fact that their team was imbalanced. Totally unfair match. The players who took them to the final were not there.

firework in Peshawar just started following Zalmi’s win

Congratulation to all Pakistan for making this event successful.It’s all about Pakistan.

Only 1 player of international class and see the difference. Pz Sam.

Luck favours the BRAVE! Tonight Pakistan and its people win.

Alhamdulillah It finally happen in Pakistan. Well done PCB, crowd and security staff.

May this be the beginning of a safe and prosperous Pakistan with lots of cricket. Amen.

PSL 2 brought the whole nation together.

This is spectacular «victory» for Peshawar, for Cricket in Pakistan and for Peace and Friendship. The sport loving people of Pakistan deserve applause. «Congratulations».

This is the victory for entire Pakistan . The enemies of Pakistan have failed today. Pakistan Zindabad.

One sided match didn’t enjoy the match but good ending ceremony. International players were subpar. gladiators are the real champions for The sake of Pakistan they had to field a weak team.

Congratulations to Peshawar and thank you all overseas players who traveled to Lahore and played the final.

Congratulations. Keep it up and hang on tough.

Tonight Pakistan won over the terrorists.

Congratulations to Pakistan for staging an amazing final. We will defeat terrorism and hate at every juncture. Can’t thank the brave foreign players enough for coming to Pakistan. They deserve a recognition from the govt of Pakistan.

Congratulations to the whole Pakistan and those nations which supported. Unfortunately some nations like India, England, etc still give negative, biast reporting to isolate Pakistan. Those brainwashed forign players which backed out hope will learn a lesson. Time will come when people will work day night to get visa issues to beautiful Pakistan. Why is India worried? We all know its evil intentions!

Congratulations Pakistan.. I sincerely wish that peace returns in Pakistan and our brotherhood thrive. Success of this event at Lahore is a big slap to haters on both sides. — A friend from Himalyas (India)

Thank you India.

Congratulations to Sammy for showing all scary-cat international players what it takes to play. Big congratulations to PCB and govt of Pakistan for the effort to bring cricket into the nation. I wish they do all PSL matches in Pakistan next year. good luck guys.

As one banner aptly put it «ABOVE ALL PAKISTAN WON TODAY» and to add «against terrorism». Hope this would be the new beginning of «New ERA of Pakistan» Congratulations and peace to all.

I fail to understand the need to induct sub-par foreign players in the team for Quetta. A more even match would have been an icing not he cake.

Lots of congrats! Great game! Pakistan Zindabad!

whole PSL should be played in Pakistan not just the final. Every match would be a sell out.

This was not a true final with QGs being handicapped. The four missing lead foreign players from QB were within their rights to put their safety ahead of their obligation to play the final for their team, but did let their team down at the most crucial juncture. Oh well, it is all behind us now; glad all went well in Lahore without any major untoward incidents. May be, having another final in Dubai between the same two teams with the QBs having a full array of players would resolve the matter of which is the truly better team, but again all said and done, at the end of the day, Cricket still remains «a game of chance» too.

The situation is not good for international aches but it was at last a political move. Country»s security condition is not good. Punjab should be handed over to rangers ASAP without fail. No patch work would work.

No Trolls. obviously nothing to vent hatred against Pakistan.

Congrats Peshawar Zalmi ! Also congrats to PCB and PSL management for a successful tournament.

What a game! Good work Peshawar. All Pakistanis/Kashmiris are proud today

Congratulations — Pakistan Zindabad

Love from India for Pakistani brothers..

Agreed Quetta Gladiators were seriously imbalanced by the absence of KP and Roussouw. They also missed Luke Wright and Tymal Mills (although Emrit compensated for him today).

Even so QG made a poor fist of the run chase. It was not a 90 pitch!!

Cricket won today. Good answer to terrorism.

Congratulations Pakistan. a good answer to terrorists.

Zalmi won and ultimately pakistan won. A strong message has been sent to the enemy of pakistan that by killing innocent people, you can not defeat pakistan. Stop your dirty game. Pakistan zindabad

Really happy for you a game of cricket wins, I really miss India vs Pakistan series hope this paves a way for another series India playing in Pakistan — from India

With this, international cricket will return to Pakistan. Congrats Pakistanis.

Thanks to all those foreign players who paid this visit to Lahore. my special thanks to punjab Government as well as security forces for making this event a success.. My love and care for Pakistan. Long Live Pakistan . from Srinagar kashmir.

congrats pakistan and zalmi peshawar

Couldn’t see final here in India but heard radio broadcast and enjoyed. I think ten sports should telecast PSL in india just like Big Bash. In end by organizing final Lahore won and its victory of game named cricket. Now i want to see India playing in Pakistan and Pakistan team coming to India.

Lots of love for peshawar zalmi and lala afridi

Lots of love for zalmi

Congratulations to Lahore and Peshawar Zalmi.

Congrats Pakistani people, government(provincial and federal) and law enforcement agencies for making PSL final a successful event.

Apart from Sammy, who was the international player??

All the drama for such a lousy one sided match. We expected better pakistan

@Gokarn Wery well said dear, same thouhts here

Congratulations for the final!! Will surely watch the highlights today on You Tube!

Lack of foreign players cost QG the title. Such a shame after how they played throughout the league

Congratulations Peshawar! Pakistanis must thank PCB for this you always criticise them but its time thank PCB officials this couldn’t have been possible without them.

@SAM well said bro. this is Pakistans victory to have a final in Pakistan of a major event. I congratulate the Punjab govt. the same should be done in each city of Pakistan. All cities are our own and we want fierce and healthy competetion so we can all be proud of our cities and towns and the entire Pakistan InshaAllah.

another example of de-politicizing cricket and respecting the law of merit.

Time to celebrate, since no one wanted to play on Pakistan soil, after the terror attack on Shri Lankan cricket team 9 years ago.

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